Zoning & Building Boards

The Zoning Board
The Stamford Zoning Department offers detailed information on the different zoning permits, their importance in city planning, and how to apply for them. The Department also offers a guide for Obtaining a Zoning Permit regarding what the application process for acquiring the Permit is and a description of the Plan Review process. The Board also makes available a detailed list of the different Zoning Regulations for public use.

Zoning Board of Appeals
The Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for dealing with considering potential variations in zoning regulations where there is an unusual hardship in the land. The application for an appeal is available online. You can find a further description of the department and the special cases in the appeal process sometimes faced on their main site previously linked.

The Planning Board
The Planning Board’s chief responsibility is the planning and coordination of City development in accordance with the Master Plan. The board influences the Zoning process because it is responsible for preparing and adopting neighborhood plans. It is also the department charged with reviewing the referrals from the two zoning boards and then possibly acting on them.

Featured Resources
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