Environmental Guidelines

There are multiple state-wide Environmental Regulations in place to prevent pollution and keep business operations within the state efficient and sustainable. These regulations specifically regard Air Quality, Water Usage, Waste Management, Pollution Prevention and Recycling Assistance operations. Be sure to check these guidelines to make sure your business complies with the criteria.

Sustainable Stamford

Established in 2007 by the mayor to promote energy efficiency, environmental education, waste reduction, and recycling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, green buildings, and all efforts affecting sustainability within the city.

Offers information regarding the following eco-friendly practices:
Double Sided Copying and Printing
Local Transportation
Carpool Information
Energy Conservation

As well as descriptions of current initiatives such as:
Information on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
The Corporate Sustainability Challenge  
Solarize Stamford

2030  District

The Stamford 2030 District Initiative has been established with the goal of making our city one of the nation’s leaders in the push towards sustainable energy. As just the sixth city to join the Movement, we have joined a vanguard of pioneering public-private-non-profit organizations  who prioritize environmental preservation by reducing energy use, water consumption, and transportation emissions. Our city hasn’t stopped there however, we plan to take it one step further by preemptively revamping our local economy’s resilience to storms and rises in sea-levels, so as to combat the threats of further global warming.

Featured Resources
View the following resources for further information on environmental guidelines.