State Resources

CT Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC)
The CTSBDC can help any business with business advising, exporting/importing, and disaster preparedness. Business workshops are available (both in person and virtual workshops). Look at their calendar, here.

Norwalk Community College Extended Studies and Workforce Education
The Norwalk Community College Extended Studies and Workforce Education Program allows businesses to train their employees in particular fields, like health, tech, or business skills. Click the link above to view their current selection of courses available.

UConn Law School’s Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
Can perform patent searches, provisional/nonprovisional patent applications, trademark clearances, copyright and trade secret matters, drafting and negotiating intellectual property agreements, and Connecticut limited liability company formation if related to an intellectual property matter for their clients.  

Connecticut Better Business Bureau
Helps consumers find businesses they can trust by setting standards, reviewing and assessing a variety of companies based upon these expectations.

CT Women’s Business Development Council
A federally funded organization that provides both women and men with advice on how to be both an effective employee and small business owner. They offer a variety of workshops and one-on-one consultations aimed at teaching successful business and personal finance strategies.

CT Department of Revenue Services Business Tax Information
A how-to guide focused on helping businesses navigate the often complex tax system and expedite the sometimes lengthy process of filing your taxes.

Connecticut Business Connection
A business association who’s goal is to assist business owners and executives succeed in Connecticut through educational resources, various forms of support, and networking opportunities. Holds public meetings and and welcomes all.

Small Business Express Program
An expedited business service that provides loans and grants to Connecticut’s small business with the goal of spurring job creation and local economic growth.

Offers small business and nonprofit organizations access to capital through flexible and affordable loan options designed to help them reach their business goals.

Community Investment Corporation
A list of a variety of business support options such as the, SBA 504, Community Advantage, EDA and MicroLoan programs.

CT Innovations
Offers flexible loans for established companies with new innovative growth plans, venture capital and strategic support for recently founded technology companies, grants to support innovation and collaboration and introductions to our a network of other competitive small and big businesses.

Crossroads Venture Group
Committed to connecting leading professionals who specialize in venture investment with emerging companies who show great growth potential. Assists the development of these high-growth enterprises by promoting capital formation in Connecticut.

CT Judicial Branch’s Guide to Understanding the ADA
A brochure designed help the public understand and abide by ADA regulations. The guide is simplified for your convenience and focuses just upon the most aspects of the law.

CT Fair Employment Practices Act
Outlines the prohibited discriminatory employment practices covered by the 2005 Connecticut Code section 46a-60

Federal and State Anti-Discrimination Laws
A list of federal and state Anti-Discrimination Laws. These laws criminalize discrimination against people on the basis of religion, race/color, gender, ancestry/national origin, sexual orientation, and physical/mental disability. Violations of these laws are considered both a federal and state offense unless otherwise noted.

Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 814c: Human Rights and Opportunities
Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 814c 46a-discusses Connecticut’s Anti-Discrimination policies. In summary, an employer or a public accommodation like a hotel or restaurant cannot discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, lawful sources of income, and mental/physical disability. It is also unlawful to not post where handicapped access is located or to prevent mothers from breastfeeding the infants in public.

CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
An agency charged with conserving, improving and protecting the natural resources and the environment of Connecticut. Supports the production and use of cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy for use of the people and businesses of the state.

CT Fund for the Environment
A tax exempt organization whose goal is to protect and improve the land, air, and water of Connecticut and Long Island Sound. Uses legal and scientific expertise and brings people together to achieve results to benefit our environment for current and future generations.

Save the Sound Initiative
Responsible for restoring and protecting the waters and shorelines of the Sound. Based on scientific knowledge, legal expertise, and the combined actions of ordinary people, this program has seen much success since it first began.

The Business Council of Fairfield County
Committed to strengthening the economic vitality of our region and the performance of its members through research-based public policy initiatives, information services, and network-building programs.

Southern Connecticut Black Chamber of Commerce
The SCBCC is our area’s newest chamber of commerce. The SCBCC holds workshops and informational seminars on subjects ranging from marketing to accounting and human resources. They also issue Minority Business Enterprise Certifications (MBEs) which validates that your business is minority-owned.

Fairfield County Bar Association
Known for offering outstanding legal educational programs, being involvement in community projects, and attentively addressing the needs of its members.

CT Bar Association
A organizized membership of Connecticut attorneys working to advance the principles of justice, the practice of law and the public understanding of the law.

Connecticut Rapid Response Team for Displaced Workers
Exists to ease the impact of layoffs and to assure that workers are offered a full range of benefits and services. Comprised of representatives from the Labor Department and the local Workforce Investment Board.

Connecticut Shared Work Program
If business ever takes a turn for the worst, this program can save the employer from the time and expense of hiring and training new workers by keeping skilled employees on the job through partial unemployment compensation until sales return to normal levels.

CT Business Response Center’s Guide to Purchasing an Existing Business
Quick and easy access to information on how to purchase a business. Addresses Successor Liability, Unemployment Liability and lists other agencies that may be able to help.

CT Contracting Portal
Allows you to efficiently search state contracts, and solicitations as well as vendor information through flexible parameters and use search the database by keywords, vendor names and SBEs.

American Job Center for Southwest CT
Provides free services to unemployed and underemployed individuals seeking jobs and job search assistance.  From a single location they give job seekers access to employment, education, training and information services.

CT Insurance Department
Carries out its mission of consumer protection by enforcing state insurance laws to ensure policyholders are treated fairly, by providing assistance, outreach and education to help consumers make sound choices and by regulating the industry in a fair and consistent manner that fosters market competition for availability of insurance.

A combination of utility companies that serves as New England’s electricity provider.

CT Apprenticeship Training Program
Administered by the Department of Labor, this program allows skilled consultants to provide technical assistance, monitoring, and consulting services to employers willing to utilize the apprentice system.

CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Provides an array of public safety services, training, regulatory guidance and scientific services utilizing enforcement, prevention, education and modern science and technology.

CT Alert ENS
Uses the state’s Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) database for location-based notifications to the public for life-threatening emergencies. The E9-1-1 database includes only traditional wire-line telephone numbers in the state and will not notify you through a mobile phone.

Expand Your Global Presence
Connecticut works closely with its federal partners to increase the global competitiveness of Connecticut businesses. Use the U.S. Commercial Service to gain market intelligence; including, but not limited to, country and industry reports, customized market research, background reports, trade data and analysis, and commercial diplomacy.