Sell, Move or Close Your Business

If you ever decide to sell, move or close your business in Stamford, you must unregister with the City. You may also need to unregister and pay payroll taxes to certain city, state, and federal agencies on the basis of your business type or employee status. 

Green Your Business

Greening your business means cutting costs and saving the environment through eco-friendly practices. The State of Connecticut provides a variety of options to assist you in this mutually beneficial ambition. There are also many federal and third party programs that can be consulted for advice, loan/grant funding or used as a means to obtain a Green Certification.

Professional Assistance

In running your business, there are times when you might need professional assistance with accounting, insurance, or legal services.

Local Resources

Find state and municipal websites and organizations designed to help you manage your small business.

Disaster Preparedness

Don't let a disaster ruin your business. Be prepared to deal with and recover from disasters in order to protect your business and future.