Networking Categories

By effectively building a network of colleagues, business associates and more, you are ensuring that whenever you need a new client, a new job, or to develop your skills further, you can call upon your network to help you. There are different ways to network a business, whether it is using online media or making a face to face interaction with a potential client or contact.

The database is considered everyone in your contact that you've interfaced with (email, phone, speaking engagements, Rolodex, Twitter), this is the largest group.

The Social Network
These contacts may comprise of  family, friends, former work colleagues, contacts made through your time at university, etc. To determine if someone is in your network, consider if they would immediately return your phone call if they do this then you may consider them to be in your network.

Inner Circle
Ideally about 50 people who can rotate annually and give you candid feedback about your career.

Professional Network
Contacts made through business activities including .accountants, lawyers and any other people you believe to be important business dignitaries.

Online Networking
Online networking sites have become increasingly popular. These resources allow participants to quickly and easily expand their circle of contacts, share information and keep abreast of industry trends.

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