Hair/Nail Salon

Ready to start your own Hair/Nail Salon business? Get the full treatment on opening your own business right here using the Hair/Nail Salon Starter Kit below.  

The Hair/Nail Salon Starter Kit provides everything you need to help you choose a location, obtain a barbering or hairdressing/cosmetology license, and open your doors - including a printable version of the Hair/Nail Salon Guide.

What's Inside

Hair/Nail Salon Guide

Hair/Nail Salon - Related Documents

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The US Small Business Administration (SBA) created this template to help you research and write your business plan.

Business Entity Comparison Table
This table provides an easy reference to how the most common business entity types — sole proprietorship, general partnership, C corporation, S corporation, and LLC — compare in a number of key characteristics.

Hazardous Waste Disposal & Recycling For Small Businesses – SF Department of the Environment
Small Businesses can generate waste that is hazardous to the environment. This may include solvents, paints, fluorescent lamps, aerosol cans, batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, printing ink, and other toxic products. They must be disposed of properly to protect our health and worker safety. Besides, it’s the law.

A Guide to Disabled Accessibility Compliance
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Hair/Nail Salon - Permits

Employer Identification Number (EIN)
An EIN (also known as an Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number) is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is needed for a business to pay employees and file business tax returns. An EIN does not expire and is unique to your business – once an EIN has been given to an entity, it will never be issued again.

REG-1: CT Tax Registration Form
In order to register your business with the State of Connecticut, you must complete the REG-1 Business Tax Registration Form. By filling out this form and the proper addendums, you can get your permit to sell tobacco products, fuel, etc.

Trade Name Registration Form
A trade name is any name used during the course of your business that doesn’t include the full legal name of all the owners of the business. In Stamford, must register your trade name through the Town Clerk’s office. More information can be found on the Create a Name page.

Sales and Use Tax Permit
Permit required in order to provide a service or sell/lease tangible property in the State of Connecticut. You can fill out this permit using the Taxpayer Service Center. Find out if your product/service is exempt from Sales and Use Tax by looking at the State's list of exemptions

CT Unemployment Tax Form UC-1A
All employers must register their employees with the Unemployment Insurance Tax Division using the UC-1A Employer Status Report form linked above. The Unemployment Insurance Tax Division is responsible for the funding needed to pay CT employees that have become unemployed through no fault of their own. To learn more about unemployment insurance, we encourage you to read the Employer’s Guide to Unemployment Compensation or check out the CT Department of Labor’s Unemployment Insurance Tax Information Center.

Building Permit
Permit required for any additions, alterations, or repairs to a building, and electrical wiring and plumbing installations. If you plan on any major renovations, a building permit/inspection is likely needed.

Sign Permit
If your business plans on using a sign, you will need a sign permit. This permit is required for most business signs and includes fabricated, hanging, and painted signs.

Barber/ Beauty/ Cosmetology Shop License
All establishments that provide barbering, cosmetology (including nail salons) or electrology services are subject to inspections by the Board, and therefore must complete this application.

Barber License
Certifies you to shave or trim beards, cut hair, and give facial and scalp massages with oils, creams, or lotions either by hand or using mechanical appliances.

Hairdressing License
Certifies you to cut, dress, dye and remove hair by any method except the use of light waves.

Electrologist License
Certifies you to remove facial and/or body hair permanently by use of a tiny needle or probe that conducts electric current.

Weighing & Measuring Device Permit
The Weights and Measures program registers weighing or measuring devices to ensure consumer protection and rights. Applies to any business that will be using regulated weighing and measuring devices. If you do not plan on using a weighing or measuring device (i.e. a scale), then you do not need this permit.