Sole Proprietorship

Form CT-1040ES: Estimated Connecticut Income Tax Payment Coupon for Individuals        
To be completed if you are required to make estimated income tax payments and you do not receive a preprinted coupon package from the Department of Revenue Services. Coupon packages are mailed in mid-January to those who made estimated income tax payments in the prior year.

Form CT-1040: Connecticut Income Tax Return
Tax return form specifically regarding modifications to Federal adjusted gross income, credit for income taxes made to qualifying jurisdictions, property tax credit, individual tax use and contributions to designated charities.  

Form CT-1040NR/PY: Non-Resident/ Part-Time Resident - Guide / Form
Tax return for for non-residential
tax payers or part-time tax payers.

Form CT-8379: Nonobligated Spouse Claim
Must be submitted if the filing status claimed on your 2014 Connecticut income tax return is married filing jointly, you do not want your share of a joint Connecticut income tax refund to be applied against your spouse’s past-due child support, a debt to any Connecticut state agency, or tax debt due to another state or the Internal Revenue Service or if you meet all of the requirements under “Am I a Nonobligated Spouse?” on the back of this form.

Form CT-1040CRC: Claim of Right Credit
If you have claim of right income for federal tax purposes and are claiming the federal claim of right credit on your 2011 federal return, you may also be entitled to a claim of right credit for Connecticut income tax purposes. This form is required to establish such entitlement.

Tax Forms and Instructions for Sole Proprietorships
This federal resource defines what a Sole Proprietorship is, the liabilities you may face and features a chart that can be used to help determine some of the forms that you may be required to file.